15 years experience with sound equipment
  • I began experimenting with sound equipment at the young age of 13 and in 2001, I became involved with the new sound system at the church I was a member of.

  • In 2004 I became the A/V coordinator at that church. In charge of sound/slideshow for the church services and other events.

  • At Dallas Baptist University I took a media production class which was my favorite. After graduating college in 2010, I worked for a country radio station where I ran the sound board for porch shows at a restaurant.

  • I’ve run sound for a private music teacher for her student performances over the last 5+ years.

  • I’ve continued my audio experience with live sound events, DJing, and emceeing.

  • Starting in September 2016,  I’ve stepped into the role of audio/visual engineer and webmaster at First United Methodist Church in Farmersville, TX

iPhone and iPad


I've been an apple user since 2001. Starting with the use of an iMac (2001) and an iPod. Then with the Mac Mini (2005), iPhone (2008-Present), iPod Touch, iPad (2010-Present), iMac (2008), Macbook (2008-2014), Mac Mini (2011-Present) & Macbook Air (2013-Present), Apple Watch (2015-Present); I have just a little experience with Apple's line of products! I keep up with the current features/updates with Apple products. I love to teach people things they didn't know their devices/machines could do.

I've also been told I have a great voice for radio. I've recorded stuff just for personal use, nothing big. However, I have wanted to get into voice-over work and would be happy to help in recording an announcement, voice-overs for presentations or informational videos or anything really. Just let me show what I can do!