Saturday April 1st –  Callisburg High School Prom

Monday July 3rd – Rock Creek 4th of July Poolside Event

Saturday July 8th – Sound/Video for a wedding in Farmersville

Sunday September 3rd – Rock Creek Labor Day Poolside Event

Friday October 20th – Wedding in Fort Worth

Saturday October 21st – Sound for Walk for PKD Fundraiser in Southlake, TX

Saturday December 2nd – Sound for Christmas Music Recital at Willow Bend Mall in Plano, TX

Saturday January 16th – McKinney Christian Academy Winter Formal

Friday April 1st – Aggie Mom’s Howdy Rowdy Round Up

Saturday April 30th – Charity Event for Texoma Westend

Sunday May 29th – Memorial Day Poolside Party for Rock Creek Resort

Saturday June 4th – (LIVE SOUND GIG) Private Children’s Music Recital

Sunday July 3rd – 4th of July Poolside Party for Rock Creek Resort

Sunday September 4th – Labor Day Poolside Party at Rock Creek Resort

Saturday October 1st – Birthday Bash Private Party in Farmers Branch, TX

Saturday October 22nd – Walk for PKD fundraiser in Southlake, TX

March 27th  – Aggie Mom’s Howdy Rowdy Roundup

April 11th – Granbury Christian Academy Prom

5/24 – Rock Creek Memorial Day Poolside Private Party

July 4th – Rock Creek Independence Day Poolside Private Party

8/8 – Wedding in Granbury

8/29 – Sweet 16 Birthday Party

9/6 – Rock Creek Labor Day Poolside Private Party

10/3 – Cornerstone Christian Academy McKinney Homecoming Dance

11/8 – (LIVE SOUND GIG) Private Autumn Music Recital

12/12 & 12/18 – (LIVE SOUND GIG) Private Christmas Music Recital